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Hello, and welcome to my new site for my new company; Perception by The Pull. My name is Stefanie for those who may not already know. I am also the owner, creator, and buyer for The Pull Botique LLC.  I am a healthcare professional with a wonderful teenage son that has a passion for anything that makes me and others feel good. 


Perception by The Pull is the beauty extension of The Pull Boutique. These two companies is what creates my brand, it represents me. It represents New York, your stay-at-home mom, college student, working professional, etc. I created this brand because I have realized over the years when you feel good about yourself you move with confidence. You move with a purpose. Fashion is art, beauty is art, it allows you to express yourself. Through expression, you come alive. With this brand I want people to feel confident and move with self assurance. To be aware of their power . Putting on a little concealer and lashes can make you feel your best in that interview, it can make you feel unstobble in that board room. It can give you that push that you need. This beauty brand has so many of my favorite things that make me feel like that it girl.  Our products include; concealer, highlight, lashes, lipsticks, glosses, and hair extensions, which are all beauty enhancers. Our mission is to provide products that will make you feel good and make heads turn.

Thank you for taking your time and reading , and always remember you are your best. 

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